Looking for Resources?

Do you or your club need resources, forms or templates? You’ll find them all right here, with everything you need to support your club, players, volunteers and fans. We’ve got regularly updated Covid-19 guidelines, coaching accreditation information, By-Laws and everything else you need. It’s all here on our resources page, which is accessible to everyone.

To make things easy, we’ve even included some links to valuable external resources, such as AFL Victoria policies and plenty of other useful information for your club. If there’s something you can’t find, please contact us and we’ll be happy to source the information for you directly.

AFL Vic Handbook

AFL Victoria Handbook

AFL Victoria produces a handbook annually that contains a variety of resources, rules and regulations to assist community clubs. 

Consult the AFL Victoria website to ensure you are referencing the most current version of the guide –


A limited number of printed copies are made available to stakeholders each year via the AFL Western District office. 

Laws of Australian Football

The Laws of Australian Football 2021

The Laws of Australian Football is the peak rulebook for Australian Rules Football.

Refer to the AFL website for the most current version of the rules –


The rules are available in electronic format only. 



The Toyota AFL Club help page contains several policies that apply or can be adopted by participants of our sport.

These may be accessed via


Concussion Management

Concussion Management

Our sport takes concussion management seriously. 

All leagues affiliated with AFL Western District have adopted the AFL’s community concussion protocols. 

Further resources and practical advice is available direct from the AFL –


Concussion Management FAQs

Management of sports-related concussion in Australian Football FAQs.